4 Beach Accessories You Absolutely Need This Summer

Going to the beach with the family is so much fun– but not having the right beach accessories can makes those trips harder than they have to be. We’ve found some seriously great bargains on stylish accessories to take with you to the beach, pool or backyard BBQ all summer long.

1. The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Turkish Fouta Towel

Turkish Fouta Towel

The Turkish Fouta Towel


If you often dream of basking in the Mediterranean sun on a beautiful beach, these luxurious Turkish Fouta Towels will get you one step closer. Whether you’re using these beautiful towels at the beach, as picnic blankets or as an elegant wrap, Turkish Fouta Towels are the definition of luxury. Inspired by the towels used in ancient Turkish baths, each towel is made of 100% natural woven textiles in a variety of beautiful patterns designed by French designer, Jenny Haik.

For a limited time, the versatile Turkish Fouta Towel is being offered for just $29– that’s nearly a 50% discount.

2. This Incredibly Handy Quicksand Mat

Quicksand Mat

The Quicksand Mat


Going to the beach is great– but getting covered in stubborn sand can be a real buzzkill. Say hello to your new favorite beach buddy, the Quicksand Mat. This seemingly magical mat ensures that you never get covered in sand while sunbathing on the beach. Begging the question: what is this sorcery?! Thanks to its multi-weave technology, the mat lets sand literally fall through it, making it virtually impossible for any sand to sit atop the mat.

Get this awesome Quicksand Mat today at a 70% discount for just $29.99.

3. This Adorable June & May Beach Canopy

June & May Beach Canopy

The June & May Beach Canopy


After spending a relaxing day at the beach with the family, the last thing you want to bring home is a painful sunburn. Next time you hit the sand, be sure to bring this stylish June & May Beach Canopy to provide you and the kids with some much needed shade from the sun. Unlike an awkwardly long umbrella or a bulky tent, this canopy is super portable and only takes 5 minutes to set up. And while it’s conveniently compact, it comfortably fits a family of 5 under its shade.

Get your June & May Beach Canopy for a limited time discount of just $54.95.

4. The Only Beach Chair You’ll Ever Need

June & May Beach Lounge Chair

The June & May Beach Lounge Chair


The June & May Beach Lounge Chair is the perfect accessory to take with you every time you hit the beach, pool or even your backyard. Setting the chair up couldn’t be easier and its sturdy adjustment caters to all your comfort needs– it even has a little zipper compartment to store your phone, wallet or just about anything. Its convenient travel strap lets you carry it around easily wherever you go, so you’re always ready to bask in the sun in style.

Get your awesome June & May Beach Lounge Chair for just $32.95.