The 10 Best Movies to Watch this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is here which means that dads across the country are getting a pass to relax and enjoy being celebrated. This year, watch a movie with your father (or husband) that honors dads and everything that they have done for you over the years.

Here are some of our favorite films featuring awesome dads and unforgettable lessons:


1. Taken

Inside even the most mild-mannered father is a badass action hero that is just waiting to bust out. Which is why Taken is a perfect way to help your dad live out his fantasy on his special day. Liam Neeson’s character goes on an international butt-kicking marathon as he tries to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a sex trafficking ring. Your dad will (hopefully) never have to go full Neeson on anybody, but it will still be fun to watch as he smiles and imagines what he would do if he only had the particular skills.

2. Rocky Balboa

We’ll admit that this isn’t the best of the Rocky franchise. However, for Father’s Day the sixth installment is a perfect reminder of the wisdom a dad can pass down to his children. Before he makes an improbable career comeback, an aging Rocky Balboa tries to restore his relationship with his son Robert. He reminds his son that the only way to succeed is to take on life’s challenges and “keep moving forward.”

3. To Kill a Mockingbird

The classic is worth revisiting for Gregory Peck’s performance as Atticus Finch alone. As a single parent and lawyer in a small town, he must stand up for honesty and justice as he defends a man falsely accused of rape. It’s a great way to remind yourself of the values that your own father taught you.

4. Finding Nemo

For a movie about talking fish, Finding Nemo nails a lot of the harsh realities of being a parent. Kids of every species get older and want more independence as they head out into a dangerous world. Marlon knows he can’t protect his clown fish son Nemo forever, but he will always be there for him when he needs him.

5. National Lampoon’s Vacation

Sit back and laugh at a family vacation gone horribly wrong thanks to Chevy Chase’s goofy Clark Griswold. Like every dad, Clark wants the best for his family, but he can’t help but get in the way. Just be glad that your dad never managed to screw up a vacation quite like this.

6. Field of Dreams

The perfect movie for a baseball fanatic father and his kids. Don’t forget to bring your glove! You’re definitely going to want to play a game of catch with your dad after this one.

7. Fences

The recent Academy Award winner deals with a complicated relationship between Denzel Washington’s Troy Maxson and his sons. Troy wants his youngest son Cory to have a steady future and avoid the stinging rejection that he faced in his life as a Negro League baseball player. But Cory can’t help but feel like his father is holding him back. This may become a new Father’s Day favorite for your family.

8. The Lion King

Mufasa is one of the most beloved fictional dads for a reason. He was chock full of important life lessons that inspired Simba to become a leader. And who could forget when he appears in the sky to remind his son that he will always be watching over him.

9. The Empire Strikes Back

We all have had arguments with our fathers, but at least they usually don’t end with our arms getting chopped off. Enjoy this sci-fi hit with your dad and think about how much better you have it than poor Luke Skywalker.

10. Three Men and a Baby

Three bachelors suddenly have to raise a baby with no prior parenting experience. What could go wrong? At the very least, this comedy reinforces to you and Dad that parenting is no joke.