The 10 Most Ridiculous Stock Photos of ‘Working Moms’

What does a working mother look like? Close your eyes and try to imagine it for a second. You might be conjuring up images of your own mother or even a co-worker. Maybe you’re picturing a kick-ass mom who’s on a conference call while calming a baby, cooking dinner and somehow fixing every other problem all at once. It’s really not that hard. After all, there are working mothers all around us that many people call role models.

But for some reason, photographers can’t seem to get it right. Generic stock pictures of working moms range from laughably unrealistic to downright awful.

Here are some our favorite hilariously off-base stock photos on the Internet:

1. The Baby Drawer


In case you were wondering, this is how working moms manage it all. Who needs affordable daycare when you can just shove your baby in a drawer and get back to work? Go ahead and call your representatives and let them know we won’t be needing paid parental leave after all. Mission accomplished!

2. The Mid-Meeting Diaper Change


As a person who works with mothers, I can confirm this is exactly what happens in the conference room. When duty calls in the middle of a meeting the mom will just change the diaper then and there. You can tell this is a mom-friendly company because all of her co-workers are there cheering her on. One of them is even taking notes! Now that’s what we call dedication.

3. The Zen Master

Mom meditation

Just relax and breathe. Also, try to hold on to something.

Photo: iStock

Once you reach the final stage of motherhood, you transform into a Jedi master. My favorite part about this one is how the mom looks so tranquil as gravity is being shut off in her kitchen. Her kids may be flying into the sun, but at least she finally got some damn peace and quiet.

4. Perfection

Working mom on a couch

Because we can think of tons of moms who have houses that look just like this.

Photo: iStock

Everything is so clean! Her pantsuit is a pristine white, the couch is stainless and even the baby is chilling out. This must be what working motherhood looks like in heaven.

5. The Clones


This photo is actually starting to make sense. How else are moms supposed to do everything at once? Maybe the photographer is on to something …

6. Work-Life Balance

Work life balance

I wonder which one she’ll pick. The suspense is killing me.

Photo: iStock

The classic work-life balance question. Now visualized so everybody can see how simple and easy this choice can be. I mean, all this woman has to do is pick a floating word. Never mind all of the sacrifices and major life decisions it comes with.

7. Sticky Notes

Woman covered in sticky notes

The agony! All that adhesive!

Photo: iStock

Help! She’s drowning in sticky notes! And also her real-life responsibilities. But mainly sticky notes!

8. Little Co-Workers


This mom has the right idea. You can’t have problems with your work-life balance if you have your kids are doing your work for you.

9. Too Much Cereal


Does she realize how much cereal she is wasting? What working mom is letting her daughter pour out a box of cereal just for some morning giggles. Maybe the photographer should look into how real working moms fight the never-ending battle that is getting your kids ready in the morning.

10. All White Everything

Family portait

Maybe it was laundry day and this was all they had left.

Photo: iStock

This may not be about working moms, but it’s still one of my biggest pet peeves. Why do so many stock photos of families feature all white outfits? I’m trying to get a normal picture of a regular family. Not a photo from a Miami drug kingpin’s baby shower.

Stock photographers: Please. For the sake of working mothers everywhere. Do better.