This Hilarious Instagram Account Shows What It Would Look Like if Barbie Were a Millennial Mom

A hilarious Instagram account is presenting Barbie in a way we’ve never seen before: as a relatable, Millennial mom (the kind who probably runs her own successful lifestyle blog), Babble reports.

On the tiff_thebarbie Instagram page, the mom is Tiff Carson, happily married to Ken Carson, with whom she has two beautiful children, Kelly and Wyatt. In her posts, we see that Tiff isn’t the picture perfect Barbie we’re used to. Like real Millennial moms, she Instagrams pretty much everything, she’s honest about the not-so-pleasant side of pregnancy and motherhood and best of all, she has a sense of humor.

In one pic, for example, she’s pregnant and lying on her bed surrounded by junk food while she dispenses whipped cream directly into her mouth. Her caption: “Don’t worry it’s just my pregnancy ‘cravings.’ My eating schedule has changed to this: pre-breakfast, breakfast, brunch, pre-lunch, lunch, snack time, snack time, pre-dinner, dinner, dessert, dessert and more dessert. This is how I’m spending the rest in the night btw!! Yumm!!”

In another, she and her baby daughter enjoy a pasta dinner at home—and the pasta ends up getting all over the both of them. She writes, “I tried explaining to her what a spoon works for but I don’t think she was interested.”

The Instagram page currently has a following of over 12k people.

Who’s the genius behind the page? reached out to the collector, who, according to the Instagram bio section, is a teen. She tells Babycenter it all began because she enjoyed taking pictures of her Barbies using her mom’s film camera when she was a little girl. “So when I started to collect again I started taking pictures of the main star of the show—Tiff—then I decided to make a Instagram account and post the pictures, I’m so happy I did; I have tons of fun doing it and it’s a great way to express myself!”

We can’t get over just how closely Tiff the Barbie resembles a real Millennial mom (body proportions aside) from the types of posts she creates, like OOTDs and selfies, and the different settings she’s in, from shopping at Costco and visiting the doctor for an ultrasound to walking in the snow. Who knew Barbie could be so normal?