Transport Budget and Suggested Daily Budget for Your Trip to Chiang Mai:

Chiang Mai can be very cheap when it comes to transport, and at the same time, can be a bit expensive if you want to travel in comfort.

Songthaew are the cheapest option that you can get for travelling around in the city. They are pick-up trucks with covered tops that are basically shared taxis. You can find them everywhere in the city, they can take you anywhere in the city. During day, they cost 20 baht per ride, and 30 baht per ride during the night, regardless of the distance that you travel. Rikshaws are also a great option to travel comfortably and easily. A tuk-tuk ride shouldn’t cost you most than 100-120 baht.

If you were staying in a hostel, eating sometimes but from the street stalls, only going out to fine restaurants a few times, using public transport options like busses and songthaew, then your daily budget should be around 900 baht. ($25 USD)